Vibrating fan


Length: 2200mm

Width: 1800mm

Height: 2500mm

Capacity up to 4 t/h

Installed replaceable bar and perforated sieves on the vibrating sieve and winnower

1.4. With the help of a vibrating sieve, the berries are evenly fed into the winnower for cleaning from leaves and branches. The vibrating sieve also acts as a calibrator of berries for different fractions and cleaning from large debris.

1.5. Waste hatches installed

1.6. Exit from the winnower width 700mm

1.7. Outlet size 250mm

1.8. Vibrating screen power 1.5kw

1.9. Fan power 3 kW

1.10. Airflow adjustable by frequency converter

1.11. Connection 380

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