Enlarged bubbling washing machine

Productivity up to 6 tons/hour;

Modular tape NGB Israel;

Tape width 640 mm.

Ribbon with chevrons 40mm high, pitch 350mm;

The length of the conveyor along the axes of the drums is 3500 mm;

Motor reducer 0.75 kW is equipped with a frequency distributor for speed control (manufacturer: Italy; equipment brand: Neri Motori)

The volume of the bath is 2 cubic meters;

Bath width - 1200mm;

Bathtub length - 3800mm;

The horizontal length of the entire sink is 5434 mm.

Mobile sink mounted on rotating wheels

All equipment is made of food grade stainless steel;

A system of nozzles for the final washing of the product was installed;

Air blowing system installed;

Connection to a network of 380 Volts.

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