Washing for root crops

Type of washing: drum-brush with auger.

Principle of operation: Products are unloaded for brush washing, where they are washed with rotating brushes and water coming from the nozzles.


- Length of brush washing: 1200 mm;

- Productivity of 5 tons per hour.

- Volume 2 cubes.

- Width of a working zone: 500 mm;

- Number of rotating brushes: 10 pcs .;

- Diameter of brushes (taking into account pile): 120 mm; Housing material: polyethylene; - Brush bristle color: white; Pile material: polyamide (nylon);

- Wash the nozzles along the entire length of the wash;

- Gear motor 4 kW, equipped with a frequency converter (gear motor of the Italian brand: Neri Motori);

- Material of food grade stainless steel, AISI 304.

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