The line for cleaning and pickling mushrooms

The line for cleaning and pickling mushrooms.
This equipment is a complex for washing, boiling in brine and cooling mushrooms.
The line is made of food grade stainless steel Aisi 304.

The line is developed completely according to the manufacturer's technical process.
The line includes:

1. Three containers for washing the product, which are equipped with a bubbling system (cold boiling), thanks to bubbling water, the mushrooms are efficiently washed from dirt, while the product is not injured. In the lower part of the structure, taps for draining water are placed.

2. Boiler for 2 containers with a total capacity of 30 kW, the tanks are in a double oil jacket, thanks to which the tanks do not come into contact with the brine and the product (the tanks do not oxidize and last longer). The boiler is equipped with oil and water temperature sensors, 2 control relays are installed, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the water and oil temperature. It is equipped with two valves thanks to which the excess pressure in the oil jacket is released, which makes it impossible to overload the walls of the boiler.