Bubble washing machine

The bubbling washer is designed for industrial cleaning of the product (berries, fruits, vegetables, nuts) from various contaminants.
The product is fed into a bath filled with water, where it is washed by bubbling (the pump supplies air flow due to which the water boils), the air flow can be adjusted. The next stage of washing takes place on the conveyor, which delivers the product to the chamber with installed nozzles, where the product is washed with water under pressure.
  • All components are made in Europe only.
  • Productivity up to 3 tons/hour.
  • Connection 380 volts.
The equipment is made of food grade stainless steel Aisi 304.
Water filtration and recycling system is installed.
Possibility of installation of blowing berries from water.
We provide: Warranty, service, installation, commissioning, staff training and delivery in Ukraine.
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