Bubble washer

Capacity up to 6 tonnes/hour
Modular belt (manufacturer - NGB )
Belt width 640 mm
Chevron belt height 40 mm, pitch 350 mm
Conveyor length along drum axes 3500 mm
Motor-reducer 0.75 kW is equipped with a frequency converter for speed
regulation (country of manufacturer: Italy; equipment brand: Neri Motori)
Bath volume 2 m³
Bath width: 1200 mm
Bathtub length: 3800 mm
Horizontal length of the whole wash - 5434 mm
The mobile washing unit is mounted on rotating wheels
All equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel
Final product washing nozzle system is installed
Rinsing air system is installed
Water filtration and recirculation system is installed.
Stone catcher is installed
Perforated sides are installed to collect sand and other dirt
Connection to 380 V