Screw conveyor (inclined)

Lifting height 2200mm with height adjustment from 1800mm to 2500mm (+150mm smooth adjustment by supports)

1.2.Diameter 250mm

1.3 The distance between the auger and the protective cover is 2mm.

1.4.45 degree tilt angle

1.5. Screw drive 1.1 kW 61 rpm

1.6.Frequency converter with the ability to work on reverse

1.7. Inspection hatch for cleaning the conveyor from below

1.8. Loading height 865mm

1.9. The width of the loading basket is 800mm.

1.10.Installed safety grille with mesh 40mm*40mm

1.11. Conveyor length 3900mm.

1.12.Productivity 3 tons/hour

1.13. Installed frequency converter for speed control

1.14.The whole structure is made of food grade stainless steel

1.15.Connection 380v

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