Bubble washing with automatic product unloading and water blowing system


- volume of water - 1.5 cubic meters;

- motor reducer of 2,25 kW, the Neri Motori brand production Italy;

- frequency converter for speed control is installed;

- modular tape with chevrons 40 mm high and 350 mm pitch (NGB Israel);

- a bubbling system is installed (the flow of compressed air into the water for washing the product is fed)

- four rows of nozzles are installed for additional washing of the product during unloading;

- the system of blowing of a product from the remains of water is established;

- two fans up to 200 cubic meters. for drying products

- emergency drain from water overflow;

- inspection hatches for convenience of service;

- dirt drain with a diameter of 88 mm

- water filtration and recirculation system

- productivity up to 3 tons / hour;

- disassembles into separate sections (bath, conveyor, frame)

- connection 380V / 220V

-may include a system of water filtration and recirculation

warranty up to 24 months.

we provide a passport for equipment and quality certificates

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