inspection conveyor

Inspection conveyor (all complete set with food steel)

- The length of the conveyor along the axes of the drums is 4000 mm.

- Conveyor height 800mm (height adjustment 50mm)

- Polyurethane tape with cord, to eliminate its descent on the drum.

- Tape width 800mm, thickness 1.3mm, length 8340mm without end.

- White color. Food tape. Temperature range from - 30 degrees to +80 degrees Celsius. Country of manufacture France

- The 0.75 kW motor-reducer is equipped with a frequency converter (manufacturer: Italy; equipment brand: Neri Motori).

- Belt speed 0.2m

- Equipped with lighting (Three Led-lamps)

- Removable calibration similar tray for three fractions (main and garbage) Connection 380V

Execution material:

- food grade stainless steel

- made of structural steel and food grade stainless steel, where there is contact with the product

- made of structural steel

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