Bubble washer

The washer consists of three components
(washer, discharge conveyor, blower system)
Capacity up to 3 tons/hour
Dimensions: 4400 mm * 1615 mm (width of the tub 1200 mm)
The volume of water - 1,5 cubic meters
Motor-reducer 0,75 kW, mark Neri Motori (made in Italy)
A frequency converter is installed to regulate the speed
The tape modular with chevrons in height of 40 mm
and a step of 350 mm (NGB Israel)
Air-lift system is installed (a compressed air stream is fed into the water
for washing the product)
Four rows of nozzles for additional product washing during unloading
A product misting system is installed
Two fans with up to 200 m³ (0.5 kW) output for drying the product
Installation of wheels for easy transport
Emergency drainage against overflowing water
Access covers for ease of maintenance
Drainage of 88 mm in diameter
Can be dismantled into its individual sections (tub, conveyor, frame)
Water recirculation and filtration system with 1,5 kW pump
380V/220V connection

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