Belt conveyor with metal detector

Length 2000mm:

1.2.Width 330mm

1.3. Motor reducer 0.55 kW

1.4.Belt conveyor thickness 1.3mm

1.5 Frequency converter

1.6. Connection 380V

1.7. Metal detector Stealth 350х350

Metal detector Fortress Technology Stealth (England)

Aperture size

Aperture width:350mm

Aperture height: 350mm

Base Sensitivity:

for metal (Fe): ball diam. ≥ 1.25mm

for stainless steel (SS): ball diam. ≥ 1.87mm;


by (No-Fe): diam. ≥ 1.77mm

Sensitivity considering "Product Effect" will be confirmed by testing the product

Test controls included in the package

Non-ferrous metal, No-Fe, ball dia.: - 1.8, 2.0mm;

stainless steel Steel, SS AISI 304, ball diam.: -1.8, 2.0mm;

Metal, Fe ball dia.: -1.4, 1.6mm.

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