Bubble washer

Capacity 3 ton/hour

Manufactured from AISI 304 or 316 food-grade stainless steel on request

Modular belt Scanbelt (Denmark) 600mm wide, with 40mm

high chevrons and 350mm pitch

A motor gearbox of 0.75 kW equipped with a frequency converter for

belt speed regulation

Air-lift system 1.5 kW installed

Bath width - 1050 mm

Bathtub length - 2800 mm

Horizontal length of the entire sink - 3100 mm

Mounted on swivelling wheels, with brake

Mounted nozzles for final product washing

380 V connection

Control box is removable

Bathtub volume 1 m³

Adjustment studs with supports installed, diameter of stud 20mm

Water filtering and recirculation system with 1.5 kW pump are installed