Winner of 2023!

According to the  results of the research and analysis of the "Mark of Quality Ukraine" organizing committee, LLC "INSORTEX" became the winner of the All-Ukrainian "Mark of Quality" competition, and  was awarded the honorary award "Mark of Quality 2023" in the   nomination - Ukrainian quality!

In  Ukraine, the "Mark of Quality" is a voluntary certification mark that can be obtained by enterprises and organizations that produce goods or provide services. The sign indicates that products or services meet certain quality standards and criteria established by relevant authorities.

It is important to note that acquiring the Quality Mark is an continuous process and companies must adhere to the relevant quality standards in order to maintain the certificate.

What is the benefit of having a "Quality Mark" when purchasing equipment?

Buying equipment from  companies that have the "Quality Mark" can be beneficial for several reasons:

• Quality Assurance: "Quality Mark" indicates that equipment meets certain quality standards and criteria established by relevant authorities. This means that you can be confident in the quality and reliability of the equipment, which can reduce the risk of  failure or malfunction of the equipment.

• Protection of customers: "Mark of quality" provides customers with protection against fraud and  deception, guaranteeing compliance of the equipment with the declared characteristics and parameters. This helps to ensure that customers get what they pay for and that there are no hidden defects or imperfections in the equipment.

• Increased competitiveness: Companies that have received the "Quality Mark" are likely to be more competitive in the  market, as the mark is a sign of quality and  reliability that can inspire trust and  customer loyalty.

• Regulatory compliance: "Quality Mark" may also be a requirement for  certain industries or government contracts, so purchasing equipment from  companies that have the Quality Mark can help ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

In general, purchasing equipment from  Quality Marked companies can help ensure that you receive quality and reliable equipment that meets the relevant standards and criteria.