The founder and director of the INSORTEX LLC Daler Saidov: "We work and believe in a victory for Ukraine”.

Inspite of hard current realities, INSORTEX LLC works, introduces innovations into enterprise launching new kinds of equipment, actively helps to execute the orders of the Ukrainian companies who has problems with electricity because of shelling of infrastructure. In the last six months our company has expanded the product line by manufacturing of stoves, buleryans, and field kitchens, multifunctional mobile heating points. INSORTEX LLC  is always looking for new solutions and, inspite of state of war, intensely innovates in production of equipment for processing of berries.
From the first days of the war the company began intensively participate in volunteer activity. INSORTEX LLC  was one of the first who started to produce anti-tank hedgehogs, braces, hooks, and armor plates, to repair autos for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Every tenth body armor was given away to the Armed Forces for free. Three first war months the company worked for the army and continues to do this. Now INSORTEX LLC  produces sapper shovels, bayonet knives, energy-efficient stoves “Raketa” (“Rocket”), splinter stoves, field kitchens, solid fuel boilers.
INSORTEX LLC  company was established in 2019 in Poltava city. The line of business: manufacturing of equipment for business, assembly line production, sorting lines of berries, fruits, nuts, grinders, auger conveyors, metal detectors, and many various metalworks.
The greatest achievement of INSORTEX LLC  is the equipment for sorting and freezing berries, we produce also bubble washers, calibrators, vibrating fans, vibrating sieves, peduncles separators. INSORTEX LLC  has the biggest line of the equipment for berries production in Ukraine, the company is the undoubted Ukrainian leader in production of the equipment for processing of berries.
The equipment of INSORTEX LLC  is actively exported to Moldova, Georgia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Bulgaria. We make an accent also on the EU countries and Ukraine, where many enterprises have been relocated. The company is always in search of new decisions and even in times of war intensely innovates. Our recent achievement is launching of new lines: elderberry sorting and sea buckthorn sorting line.
“Quality of the equipment and reasonable prices, and the main thing – a client-oriented approach. We’re always ready to provide recommendations on production equipment on site, to make individual design for the needs of the client, to carry out installation, comissioning works, to conduct staff training. Our clients recommend us, and it is a marker of the quality of our cooperation and a cause for inspiration at the same time”, – emphasizes the head of the company.  

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