NSORTEX - the best Ukrainian company for the manufacture of equipment for processing and sorting berries - Ukrainian Business Award 2023

INSORTEX was founded in August 2019 and has been working on the manufacture of high-quality berry sorting equipment for almost four years. Every year a team of real professionals created and improved their equipment, rapidly expanding sales markets in Ukraine and the European Union. INSORTEX has proved its ability to compete with dignity in the market and conduct an honest business, which caused great confidence among customers, due to which it left all its competitors far behind and became the number one company in Ukraine, the quality of which is already appreciated abroad. Among all the equipment, I would like to highlight the complex lines for the processing of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and sea buckthorn. The company also constantly helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the manufacture of body armor, sapper and infantry blades, sapper cats, etc. Since 2023, it begins to gain momentum in the manufacture of equipment for washing and sorting vegetables, fruit processing and the production of seed dryers.

INSORTEX has joined the elite list of Ukrainian Business Award winners in the category of berry processing and sorting equipment manufacturers. This award is the result of hard work, continuous improvement, focus on the high quality of its equipment and the use of advanced technologies, which have helped INSORTEX gain recognition and trust from customers.

INSORTEX was declared the winner due to the production of the widest range of equipment in Ukraine, the greatest representation of its equipment in the Ukrainian market, the most recognizable Ukrainian company outside Ukraine for the manufacture of equipment for processing and sorting berries, and the company that received the most positive feedback from customers. This award is a confirmation of the high level of professionalism and ability of INSORTEX to achieve impressive results.

The Ukrainian Business Award is a prestigious award that recognizes the contribution of the best companies to the development of Ukrainian business. Participation in this competition allows you to get not only official recognition, but also to draw attention to your activities and increase your reputation in the market.

According to the founder of the company and its director Daler Saidov, the victory in the Ukrainian Business Award became possible thanks to the hard work and high professional level of all employees. We value and treat each of our clients with great respect. It is the responsiveness, attentiveness and empathy with our customers that gave a big impetus to our success today. We really appreciate our employees, who in return carefully treat each of our orders.

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